The Numbers Speak for Themselves

3,000 +

Facilities Maintained


One-On-One Support

60,000 +

Active Users

Megamation Inc.

Megamation is a North American leader in CMMS solutions. Our success is rooted in the success of our customers. We have been designing, building, and deploying our proprietary systems for maintenance personnel for over 40 years. Our company’s strength comes from the people who use it, design it and support it.

Personal Relationships

Our award-winning support services are focused on the needs and requirements of the maintenance teams they support.

Technical Proficiency

We are our own designers and programmers. And it’s all we do. We are 100% focused on CMMS solutions.

Maintenance Knowledge

Our in-depth knowledge of maintenance operations enables us to adapt to changing priorities and new challenges that arise.

Megamation Systems Inc. was founded in 1984 and remains independently owned. Our flagship offering is DirectLine, an all-inclusive maintenance management software solution. In 1999, we were one of the first companies to launch maintenance software (CMMS) as a Software as a Service (SaaS).

Megamation’s programmers and engineers design and maintain DirectLine. We have implemented a “low code” software development approach which enables faster development cycles. This gives us an unmatched ability to quickly adapt our product to our customers needs.

Today, we serve many diverse businesses including:

Facilities | Food & Beverage | Healthcare | Manufacturing | Schools | Universities & Colleges