Streamline maintenance management and compliance

DirectLine is an all-inclusive suite of maintenance management Software as a Service (SaaS) delivered over the Internet. Created by Toronto-based Megamation Systems, DirectLine is backed by 30 years of experience developing maintenance management software and a 20-year record of fast, secure and successful Web implementations.

All-inclusive with no extra fees and no capital outlay needed

DirectLine is available for a low monthly fee that includes implementation, training, usage, support and updates. There’s no capital outlay required. Your monthly cost is based on the amount of hours you use and you can increase your usage anytime as your business grows. You can also customize the interface to show only the modules you need, or have access to every module. Itʼs your choice.

First class support and training delivered by DirectLine staff

As a DirectLine client you get unlimited live support and training 18 hours a day on weekdays and 12 hours daily on weekends, delivered by DirectLine support staff in Canada. Every new DirectLine client is assigned an Account Manager and implementation team, who will work with you on a timeline for implementation, training, data migration and any software customization.

Superior technology for top-notch service and security

Not to get too technical, but we use the industry renowned Citrix thin-client to deliver DirectLine. This means faster, more stable connections, a full-featured software environment and the ability to ensure data security. Our software and data processes are designed to ensure applications are always secure and available to you, while stringent back up procedures for our onsite and remote server farms protect your information. In other words, we provide a stress-free enterprise-grade system that puts no demands on your resources.

Customization for you, innovation for everyone

DirectLine can easily be adapted to suit your needs. Whenever we create great new modules and customizations, we add them to the master system and make them available to everyone. In fact, we add at least one major module every year, from RFID support to Health and Safety and DirectLine Mobile for Tablets and Handhelds. Why does this matter? Something as straightforward as a modern inventory system with barcoding can end up paying for the system itself.

Solid references, courtesy of our satisfied clients

No matter what industry youʼre in, we probably have a satisfied client working nearby. Weʼll let you talk to them to see how DirectLine works in an environment like yours. We also have client satisfaction data, with more than 96 per cent of our clients saying they would recommend DirectLine to other companies.

60-day cancellation guarantee

Just as it sounds. We understand no system is “no-risk” because your time is a valuable resource, but if you use the DirectLine Service and it doesnʼt work for you, just give us 60 daysʼ notice. Weʼll return your data and you walk away paying only the monthly charge.