Implementation and Training

Training for Success

Even the best technology is bound to fail if it isn’t embraced by its users. To ensure your managers and workers support your DirectLine solution and take advantage of all its benefits, we created an implementation and training model grounded in the principles of adult learning and proven knowledge delivery strategies. Online instruction is supported with online training on demand while extended support hours ensure users get the help they need when they need it.

This leading-edge model, designed specifically for employees working in a facilities environment, includes the following key components:

  • Implementation Planning – A DirectLine Account Manager will work closely with you to create a detailed implementation plan specifying timelines and goals. Together, you and your DirectLine Account Manager will identify training requirements and incorporate these into the implementation plan.
  • Online Training – Through the DirectLine 800 support centre, your staff can “shadow” a user and view the application with the end user. The DirectLine support team can also train users in a live system viewing the same application and recreating any situation encountered by the end user. This is particularly helpful for users who need to review a real world scenario and job-specific exercises.
  • Continuous Learning – We provide unlimited training, allowing new or existing employees to learn new job functions, a newly added module, or review a particular module they may be having problems with. Employees can train as often as they need at any time during support hours. Training hours are scheduled according to users’ requirements, from a single hour-long session to multiple sessions.
  • Identification of Best Practices and Processes – Once you’ve set down your training requirements, timelines, and goals, our DirectLine Implementation Team will guide you in analyzing and identifying the best practices to be used for implementing DirectLine in your organization.
  • Behavior Checklist – During this critical stage, we will help you define the process behaviours needed for each user group and which tasks are needed for specific job requirements.
  • Train the Champion – Megamation can conduct on-site training (at additional cost) for the DirectLine champion in each location. This training can occur in conjunction with the implementation planning process.
  • Training and Reference Manuals – DirectLine users have unlimited access to online reference manuals and field-based help. Our training manuals walk users through a specific function, such as adding a new piece of equipment to be followed in a test database.
  • Online Help – As an ongoing part of the training process, DirectLine Support helps users through all stages of implementation. We provide one-on-one training as well as consulting services via the Internet.
  • Annual Business Review – We perform a yearly Business Review where we analyze the implementation process and revisit the goals, milestones and critical success factors.