You may have noticed that we’ve updated our logo, and we’re getting ready to roll those changes out to our Directline login page. At the same time, we’re updating our application delivery controller hardware (Netscaler) and will be using the latest version of Citrix storefront. This is to ensure we have the most up-to-date tools for reliably delivering the application to you.

For the most part, these changes won’t change your login experience, but there are a few small changes in functionality that we’ll lay out below. The switchover will occur on Tuesday June 27th at 1am EST. There will be a brief 5 minute outage at this time.



The main login page stays fundamentally the same. With basic changes to the color scheme and logos. The main change will be the text on the left side of the screen will scroll through a few messages that will keep you informed about new features and functionality in the system.

Once you have entered your username and password, the application launch page will appear.

Note the changes to the Directline icon, which has changed to match the new logo. Your username will be displayed on the top right after login.



To log off, you need to click your username for the log off dropdown.



Once you log off you will see the confirmation box below.



If you need any assistance with the new login screen please contact support: 1 800 344 8655 option 1