Frequently Asked Questions

How to eliminate the Detect Clients message on the DL.MEGAMATION.COM website?

If you have a Citrix client installed, but started receiving the Detect Client message, simply click on the Detect Client button and on the next page click Already Installed link in the right sidebar. The message won’t appear anymore.

How to update your Citrix client to the most recent version

Please follow these step-by-step instructions. How to update your Citrix client

How to fix the SSL Error 61?

If you use to login and are currently unable to access the DirectLine application, you will need to reinstall your Citrix receiver.   As part of our server security procedures, we are required to renew our security certificate every 3 years. The certificate has been upgraded to a 256 bit SSL encryption, the most advanced encryption standard available.   If your current version of the Citrix receiver is unable to connect, please upgrade your Citrix to the newest version by following the procedure below. Or call Megamation Support at 1 800 344 8655 ext 1 to have someone walk you through the procedure.      

How to reinstall Citrix in the event of error 61

  how-to-fix-the-ssl-error-61-3   This steps will have to be performed by a user with administrator rights 1) Uninstall citrix by going to control panel > program and features   how-to-fix-the-ssl-error-61-1 2) Click on citrix and click unistall   how-to-fix-the-ssl-error-61-2   3) Reinstall citrix by going to and downloading the newest version of citrix receiver.