Training Videos: Training Videos

00 - Introduction

How to Login to Megamation DirectLine System

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Home Screen

01 - Equipment Module

Equipment Module - Equipment Entry

Equipment Module - Site and Building Entry

Equipment Module - Room Entry

02 - Maintenance Module

Work Request Entry

Work Planning

Work Order Processing

Work Order Completion

Do It Now Work Orders

Shift Logs

Work Order Console Startup

Work Order Console Planning Mode

03 - Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance Entry

Preventive Maintenance Details Entry

Preventive Maintenence Scheduler

Preventive Maintenence Manual Scheduling

Preventive Maintenance Scheduling by Interval

04 - Inventory Module

Inventory Header Entry

Inventory Detail Entry

Inventory Automatic Reorder

Physical Count Management

05 - Issues Module

Inventory Issue Entry

06 - Standard and Safety Procedures Module

Standard and Safety Procedures

07 - Purchase Requisition

Requisition Entry

08 - Purchase Order Module

Requisition PO Entry

How to Assign a Purchase Order to a Requisition

Change Order Entry

Receiving Entry

Request for Quotation

14 - Miscellaneous

Uploading Files

Copying Files to Your Local PC

15 - Mobile

Issue Work Orders on Mobile

Time and WO Completion on Mobile