The ability for campus to submit their work request directly has saved us countless phone calls and computer entry. We utilize the many reports to evaluate man hours versus work orders and building systems in countless ways by selecting various criteria.

The service and sales personnel have always been responsive and extremely helpful.  I really like that they can log onto the screen and actually see and show me the processes.

– Nancy Johnson
DirectLine Universities and Colleges user

I have worked with several different CMMS systems in my 24 years of working in engineering and maintenance. This system is by far the best I have ever worked with. I love the new mobile system we deployed last year in our new packaging plant. All the technicians are using mobile phones to access their work schedule, write new work orders, check out parts from the crib, and complete their work orders. I cannot imagine a more efficient way to do business.

– Barry Martin, Engineering Manager
Wild Turkey Distillery

Megamation has become more important to me then email. I can track and quantify the work being done, where before all that information was just lost. Also their service team is world-class. If I encounter a problem I can typically get it corrected the same day if not while I am on the phone with the support department. This is really a multi-level, long-term solution for our work order and preventative maintenance needs.

– Casey Huebner, Facilities Manager
Lake Washington Institute of Technology

Your flexibility in assisting us to slowly evolve the system into something reflective of our specific requirements has been wonderful. We are now using the system in our head office and preparing to provide field staff with new tools to enable access on the road to read and close off work orders directly. On completion of that phase we will introduce site staff to the program for the registering of work orders, which is something they are highly anticipating. We are pleased with our partnership, thank you.

– Gordon Cavan, C.E.T., R.C.M.
Manager, Properties and Insurance
Community Living Toronto

The Megamation team definitely excels when it comes to customer service – from my account manager reviewing a request to the programmers making a change to meet our needs. Most of my dealings are with the Help Desk team, and it is great to know they are only a call away. Ninety-nine percent of the time, my inquiry is addressed by the end of the phone call. Thank you for your on-going support through the years and many years ahead.

– Anna C., Hunter Amenities International Ltd.

Megamation is great for work orders and I look forward to using it to track new and old buildings. Any time I have had a problem the DirectLine support has been fantastic and very prompt.  I would recommend Megamation to all.

– Gloria, Campus Operations

Megamation is a tool that really helps me organize the work to be done and the people that are doing it. Equipment information and preventive maintenance type work orders are easily input to the program and building staff can easily input work requests. The Help menu answers most of my questions, and when I cannot solve my problem the Megamation Support Team always gets me straightened away.

 – Greg Thompson, Chief Engineer, Plant & Maintenance
Valley Regional Hospital

Megamation has helped us out in all aspects – from purchasing, inventory, maintenance, preventive maintenance, payroll and accounts payable. The DirectLine technical support is one of the best that I have had. They are able to get to the root of the problem and solve it in 99.9% of the time with just one phone call, and if tech support is not able to solve it the design group is right on top of it. It will be fun and exciting to see what they are coming up with next. I cannot wait!

– Thomas Richardson, Maintenance Support Coordinator

Megamation has provided timely and professional support over many years now for our application. Your organization’s willingness to customize our application for our specific needs has been refreshing, and I hope that some of the functionality we have pushed for over the years has helped Megamation grow as well. Thank you for your continued support and innovation.

– Keith Hightower, SQMS Manager
The J.M. Smucker Co. – Suffolk, VA

We converted all of our data and transaction history from our 15-year-old legacy CMMS over to DirectLine. This gave us the ability to customize things a bit to fit our particular needs, and to easily create custom report templates and export the reports into Excel. Being able to call Megamation Support and have them shadow me online for assistance when I needed questions answered or training delivered has saved me from banging my head against the wall like I used to. (The wall has less dents in it too.) The cost is very reasonable, considering Megamation maintains the data and the application on their servers. I would recommend DirectLine to anyone looking for a very capable low-cost CMMS solution.

– Brian Chorba, CMMS/Maintenance Specialist

Megamation supports our facilities with easy-to-use and highly customizable software. The success for our company is being able to modify DirectLine and the many different modules to a point of being streamlined directly to our technically sophisticated pieces of equipment. The support and staff at Megamation is always onboard to assist in adapting to those changes and provides a very technical and experienced group of folks to make it happen in a very timely manner. Thank you.

– Tony Vandiver, Senior Planner

What do I think about Megamation? I think it, and all the people with which I have had contact there, is fantastic. All of my concerns and requests have been addressed quickly and professionally and in ways that showcase their experience. Thanks.

– Mark Prater, Receiving Manager
Bristol Metals, LLC

Hello, I have been using Megamation since 2008. My experience has always been most pleasant. It is impressive how any and all Technical Support concerns are always addressed and rectified immediately. The software is comprehensive and very user friendly. I would absolutely recommend it.

– Gaétane Leroux
DirectLine For Facilities user