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  • Copying Files to Your Local PC

    Copying Files to Your Local PC

    An overview of the process to copy your files, such as reports, to your local workstation using Dropbox.

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  • Creating Purchase Requisitions

    Creating Purchase Requisitions

    Create a P.O. using your Puchase Requisition Entry screen including status, suppliers, line items, part numbers, approvals, search and email functions.

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  • Creating Reports

    Creating Reports

    Use the Report Definition Wizard to create your detailed custom reports, edit existing reports and delete old reports.

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  • DirectLine Mobile Checklists

    Access your checklists in DirectLine Mobile including entering information such as equipment readings.

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  • DirectLine Mobile Overview

    An Overview of DirectLine Mobile including accessing your work orders, tracking labor, finding checklists, and status updates.

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  • Equipment Records

    Equipment Records

    An overview of the Equipment Entry function including how to create new equipment records, setting hierarchy, and designating locations.

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  • How to Login

    How to login to DirectLine (using the Citrix interface) and DirectLine mobile.

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  • Inventory Automatic Reordering

    Inventory Automatic Reordering

    Use the Automatic Reorder function to generate purchase requisitions for parts when they are low in stock.

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  • Inventory Count Management

    Inventory Count Management

    An overview of the Physical Count Management function in Inventory including selecting, location, batch and physical counts, and status updates.

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  • Parts Ordering AT-SITE©

    Parts Ordering AT-SITE©

    Use the Mobile Shopping List function within an open work order to add parts you need, create an RFQ and send a requisstion to a chosen supplier .

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  • PM Scheduler

    PM Scheduler

    An overview of how to use the PM Scheduler and to automatically generate Work Orders from your PM Procedures.

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  • PM Scheduling by Intervals

    PM Scheduling by Intervals

    Schedule Preventative Maintenance according to equipment readings, such as hours or miles, with set intervals; as opposed to elapsed time frequencies.

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  • Using the Search Function

    An overview of Search screens and functions. Equipment and Work Order searches are used as examples of how you can use the Search function throughout.

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  • Work Order Console

    An introduction to the Work Order Console. The Work Order console facilitates the management of Work Orders.

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  • Work Order lifecycle

    An overview of the Work Order lifecycle including entry, planning, time tracking and closing your work order; DirectLine and DirectLine Mobile.

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  • Work Order Screen Update

    Work Order Screen Update

    The new Work Order Processing screen* reduces the number of steps you need to create, plan, and close a work order. *Version 3.30 and later.

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