Effectively Manage Work Orders across Diverse Facilities.

Universities & Colleges

We have developed specific workflows and functionality for University and Colleges. Our easy-access mobile friendly Work Request form allows staff and students to enter alerts and requests from their phones. DirectLine can be scaled for any size of organization and, using our API, communicate with your systems and exchange data seamlessly.

In addition to the core maintenance functionality built into DirectLine, it has features for the specific functions needed to manage today’s campuses successfully.

Building Condition Assessments

Each type of facility – from classrooms and laboratories to dormitories and large sports complexes – has unique maintenance requirements and assets. Easily turn Requests into Work Orders and assign the work to a trade, shift, department, or specific person. Attach any document – such as instructions, hazard or safety information or videos – to any screen in the system to make sure it is made available to all and so that equipment remains compliant with applicable standards.

Maintenance of Diverse Facilities

DirectLine allows you to track and maintain the capital requirements of a facility or portfolio of facilities. It incorporates industry standard methodology – such as UNIFORMAT II – into a powerful analysis and planning tool that gives the facility manager the necessary information.

Reporting and Analysis for Universities and Colleges

Facilitate data driven decision-making with the reporting and analysis tools built into DirectLine. Understand potential efficiencies using drill down style reports to best understand the metrics impacting your business – what you need to know about. If you need a report that DirectLine does not already have your account manager will work with you in creating a custom report to get the exact output you require.

Customized to Meet Your Needs

Custom notifications from DirectLine ensures that your team is well informed and proactive. System generated SMS test messages, emails, and phone notifications (Android only) are triggered based on your specific requirements.

We tailor your software to meet the exact requirements of your organization. Every implementation is a unique situation, so our in-house team of developers (and engineers) work with you to understand your needs and develop maintenance software that addresses your needs, workflows, and processes.

  • Reporting / Analytics
  • Documents and Attachments
  • Work Order Management
  • Project Management
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Capital Planning / PM Planning
  • Asset Management and Tracking
  • Fleet
  • Inventory
  • Utilities
  • Purchasing
  • Help-Desk Center
  • Contracts
  • Tools
  • Health and Safety
  • Room and Space Inventory
  • Staff Records
  • Room Scheduler
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Keys and Locks

What Our University & College Clients say about DirectLine

  • That’s the fastest resolution I think I’ve ever received. You folks could teach a lot of other companies a thing or two! 😊 Thank you and have a nice weekend.

    Mount Allison University
    Donna Hurley

    Director, Administrative Services

  • Megamation is great for work orders and I look forward to using it to track new and old buildings. Any time I have had a problem the DirectLine support has been fantastic and very prompt. I would recommend Megamation to all


    Campus Operations

  • Megamation has become more important to me then email. I can track and quantify the work being done, where before all that information was just lost. This is really a multi-level, long-term solution for our work order and preventative maintenance needs.

    Lake Washington Institute of Technology
    Casey Huebner

    Facilities Manager

  • The ability for a campus to submit their work request directly has saved us countless phone calls and computer entry. We utilize the many reports to evaluate man hours versus work orders and building systems in countless ways by selecting various criteria.

    Nancy Johnson

    DirectLine Universities and Colleges user