Maintenance Software Custom-Fit For You

Megamation specializes in one thing: designing, building, and deploying SaaS CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Service) solutions.

We are experts at CMMS implementation and integration. It’s what we do. Our DirectLine software can be scaled for any organization size across many industries. Using our API our software can communicate directly with your systems and exchange data seamlessly.

Megamation has enabled maintenance and operations professionals to improve efficiency, enhance asset reliability, reduce costs, and deliver data-driven decisions for over 40 years.


Improve efficiency and benefit from data-driven decision making. DirectLine by Megamation is a comprehensive solution complete with all the core features and functions needed by maintenance professionals customized and adapted to your specific environment.

DirectLine Mobile

Save your shop time and money. Our AT-SITE© mobile design concept offers several significant advantages for maintenance teams. Eliminate unnecessary travel time, enhance accuracy, and boost efficiency with access to all your relevant maintenance data on your mobile device.

Our Clients

Our Clients