DirectLine helps organizations streamline and optimize maintenance processes.

Everything You Need
a CMMS To Be

DirectLine is a comprehensive solution complete with the core features and functions needed by maintenance professionals. It is customized and adapted to your specific environment.

  • Reporting / Analytics
  • Documents and Attachments
  • Work Order Management
  • Project Management
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Capital Planning / PM Planning
  • Asset Management and Tracking
  • Fleet
  • Inventory
  • Utilities
  • Purchasing
  • Help-Desk Center
  • Contracts
  • Tools
  • Health and Safety
  • Room and Space Inventory
  • Staff Records
  • Room Scheduler
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Keys and Locks
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Preventative Maintenance Planning

Managing Preventative Maintenance tasks is made easy with DirectLine. Our flexible scheduler allows you to create fixed or floating completion dates and update it any time. Attach any type of documentation or links to the work order and pre-allocate labour, parts and tools required for the job.

Reporting and Analysis

DirectLine’s built-in reports can be easily customized to meet your specific needs. Choose one of our pre-built report templates and then customize it for your specific needs. Generate micro or macro analytics on asset performance, maintenance costs, downtime, and other key metrics.

Asset and Inventory

Automate your inventory tracking as much or as little as you need – from calculating the total cost of parts based on demands generated by work orders to automatically creating purchase requisitions based on changes to inventory. Use QR and barcodes in DirectLine.

Capital Project and Planning Management

DirectLine provides the tools to help you evaluate, prioritize, and execute major capital projects within your organization. Create a project where all work, parts and costs are automatically recorded, and then analyse the results of the work and the associated costs.

Scalable Solutions for Many Industries

Facilities | Food & Beverage | Healthcare | Manufacturing | Schools | Universities & Colleges

Maintenance software isn’t one-size-fits-all, so we have designed DirectLine to be easily configurable for your industry. Our in-house team of developers will customize your implementation so that it addresses your specific needs, workflows, and processes.

Single Sign on (SSO)

Simplify the login process for users, provides enhanced security and increase internal adoption.

Secure Infrastructure

Megamation is committed to the secure access, uninterrupted availability and integrity of your data.

API Integration

Integrate your DirectLine data with your existing systems and databases to inform your decision-making..

What Our Clients Say about DirectLine

  • Megamation has become more important to me then email. I can track and quantify the work being done, where before all that information was just lost. This is really a multi-level, long-term solution for our work order and preventative maintenance needs.

    Lake Washington Institute of Technology
    Casey Huebner

    Facilities Manager

  • Megamation is a tool that really helps me organize the work to be done and the people that are doing it. Equipment information and preventative maintenance type work orders are easily input to the program and building staff can easily input work requests.

    Valley Regional Hospital
    Greg Thompson

    Chief Engineer, Plant & Maintenance

  • I have worked with several different CMMS systems in my 24 years of working in engineering and maintenance. This system is by far the best I have ever worked with. I cannot imagine a more efficient way to do business.

    Wild Turkey Distillery
    Barry Martin

    Engineering Manager


There is no capital expenditure. Users of Directline simply need to install a free Citrix client or HTML5 web browser to get up and running. We charge a regular monthly subscription fee. The software, as well as the all the data, are stored on Megamation’s secure servers.

There is usually no additional cost. Our in-house team of developers will work with you to understand your requirements and develop maintenance software that addresses your specific needs, workflows, and processes. Except for big projects that are requested after the initial implementation, all customizations are included in our monthly subscription fee. Please contact us to learn more.

We help maintain over 3,000 facilities and have over 60,000 active users.

Yes. French and Spanish are available out of the box. We have also designed the software so that it can be customized to work in almost any language

Just about everyone has some level of customization done; but, to be sure, not everyone. Every customer’s facility or operation is slightly unique, so we usually adapt DirectLine to meet their needs. Some customers need a lot of modifications to our base code, and others just small tweaks.

No. Any customization you request for a successful implementation in your unique environment is included in your monthly subscription fee. It is part of the service we offer. DirectLine evolves with you as you need it.

No. We have been working with customers deploying CMMS software since 1984. Our implementations are successful because we try to make it as straightforward as possible. We provide you and your staff with unlimited onboard training and refresher sessions so that everyone on your team can learn at their own speed.

And as we evolve with you, we continue to offer unlimited training any time you need it, at no extra cost, all part of our monthly subscription fee.

DirectLine contains every feature available – from creating new user accounts to analytics and reporting. DirectLine Mobile has a subset of the features that are usually done AT-SITE© – such as maintenance lists, adaptive inspections to utility readings.