Managing a facility is a complex undertaking that covers a broad scope of responsibilities, from handling the flow of work orders to implementing big-ticket projects. Directline for Facilities simplifies maintenance management with key functions such as Work Order Management and Preventive Maintenance, Lock and Key inventory, and incident tracking. A low-risk, monthly subscription model based on hourly system usage means stable, predictable pricing with no extra fees and no capital investment required. This all-inclusive fee also gives you unlimited support, training, updates and customization.


All the functions you need
in one all-inclusive suite

 Your monthly subscription gives you access to a complete suite of DirectLine modules designed specifically for facilities management. You can customize these modules or add new ones as your needs change. In addition, DirectLine has built-in analysis and reporting to provide you with the information you need to reduce maintenance costs while increasing efficiencies.


Faster workflow, better results
with easy-to-use interfaces

To eliminate duplicate entries and enhance reliable data transfer, DirectLine offers easy-to-use interfaces to other customer applications such as enterprise resource planning, financial and time card systems and various other applications. Custom-built and ready-made adapters are available to accommodate specific business practices and to streamline the processes that connect the maintenance department to the rest of your organization.


DirectLine accelerates business
integration with iWay

Through our recently formed partnership with iWay Software, DirectLine is now able to offer you the iWay Universal adapter suite, designed to accelerate business integration by connecting to a wide variety of third-party applications. iWay uses off-the-shelf components that are easy to assemble and configure, allowing for rapid data access and application integration without lengthy custom coding or expensive system overhauls. iWay currently offers ready-made interface adapters for over 300 software products including all popular ERP and Purchasing systems.


DirectLine for Facilities modules

With DirectLine, you can customize your interface to include only the modules you need or maintain access to all modules. You can turn modules off individually. Some modules need to be linked to related modules, such as the Lock and Key and Space Inventory modules.

For Facilities Modules



  • Create Work Requests, turn requests into Work Orders and assign the work to a trade, shift, department or specific person.
  • Use the functionality in Work Orders to allocate parts and tools required for the job, schedule the work, attach documentation such as AutoCAD drawings, instructions, manuals or videos to the work order or even a link to a live website such as state or federal regulatory guidelines.
  • Record the work status and details including time to complete and parts used.


  • Predefine labour, parts and tools needed for repetitive work along with all other similar features found in the standard work order.
  • Use the PM Scheduler to create PMs for single assets or grouped assets as well as a full calibration data sheet.
  • Attach documents to allow users to import and modify PM instructions when changes are needed.
  • Create Work Orders on a fixed scheduled date, a floating completion date or a combination of both.
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  • Reduce the cost of inventory while better managing your maintenance needs.
  • Automatically calculate the cost of parts and issuing parts from inventory based on demands generated by work orders.
  • Automatically create purchase requisitions based on changes to inventory compared to minimum/maximum rules established per part per warehouse.
  • Because all modules are integrated, the system can be set up with rules and procedures to completely automate most inventory functions.
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  • Capture meter readings through this module that focuses on usage rather than performance.
  • Accurately monitor utility costs by building, department or any other segmentation by identifying the location of every meter, assigning a schedule and route for readings.
  • Make sound budgeting decisions by using the reporting functionality inherent in DirectLine to slice and dice, and merge and aggregate data.


  • Manage fleets of cars, trucks, tow motors, and other types of vehicles and equipment.
  • Car fleet management including issues and returns.
  • Track vehicles by registration number and depot, and monitor components such as engines, gearboxes, or axles by serial numbers and warranty dates.
  • Automatically generate warranty claim forms and get automatic warranty alerts.
  • Complete component specifications.
  • Track manufacturers’ recalls.
  • Schedule regular and MOT inspection.
  • Organize and access job cards by codes, class and component
  • Track and store driver Information with license status, accidents, etc.
  • Create an accident database with multiple search function.
  • Track and store breakdown reports.
  • Record fuel usage with diskette upload and odometer readings
  • Track spare parts.
  • Process purchase requisitions.
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  • Identify and catalogue training requirements for your personnel, specifying requirements for job categories and marking the appropriate schedules to ensure all certifications remain current.
  • Identify safety incidents and catalogue and manage the progress of accidents or safety incidents.
  • Record all incident details, including the severity of injuries. Integration with personnel information eases recording of employees’ credentials at the time of the incident.
  • Compile courses and course providers and make this information available to each employee.
  • Use the course attendance module to keep track of completion or non-attendance at required courses.
  • Easily analyze short and long term costs of buildings and accurately measure maintenance requirements.
  • Track insurance claims with the option to print or electronically send a copy of the required forms to the insurance company.
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  • Record employee details such as age, address, wages, overtime, entitlements, training or health and safety certificates, and any insurance or licensing information pertinent to the employee’s position.
  • Access employee through other parts of the system to control policies and procedures and track wages as a component of costs associated with a project.
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  • Quickly generate contracts and blanket purchase orders.
  • Create purchase requisitions for automatic stock replenishment.
  • Issue purchase cards for direct purchases or three-way matching vouchers.
  • Create restricted blanket purchase orders
  • Process retroactive charges.
  • Workflow and password protected approvals ensure security.
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  • Provide special instructions or material handling requirements to a particular equipment or material by attaching static or dynamic documents, or by including a pertinent website URL.
  • Users can access any type of electronic documentation through attachments such as AutoCAD drawings, videos, or Word documents.
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  • Establish contracts and issue work orders against these agreements based on information stored in the system.
  • Estimate labour and materials to ensure the job cost stays within contract limits.
  • Close the Work Order upon completion, reconcile all costs and apply against the initial Purchase Order, and deduct total from the contract amount.
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  • Keep maintenance personnel abreast of hazardous materials
  • Provide detailed, customizable descriptions and information on handling, using and storing hazardous material, as well as transporting and disposing of it.
  • Keep an inventory of hazardous materials by location.
  • Identify “hot” locations by adding an attachment to work orders.
  • This module can be linked to the Documents Management module for procedures or safety information.
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  • Attach dynamic or fixed documents – including Word documents, spreadsheets, audio, video or a website link – to any screen in the system, ensuring users have timely access to the information they need.
  • Documents can be dynamically linked to an entity so any work orders applied to that entity will automatically contain these documents or applied manually for a specific requirement. This ensures hazard or safety information is available to its staff. All this information is automatically included by default.
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  • Create a project, automatically recording all work, parts and costs.
  • Analyze work results and associated project costs.
  • This module allows for an unlimited number of project steps, budgets, commitments and actual expenditures for each step, dynamic contingency allocations, and expenditures and performance by contractor.
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  • Allow clients to enter Work Requests directly into the system without accessing the entire system.
  • Allow authorized users to review asset history and work order status orders and enter work requests if needed.
  • Display actions taken in similar work requests to encourage clients to explore possible solutions without engaging your maintenance department.


  • Issue unique numbers for each tool.
  • Issue sign-in/sign-out dates by tool or user.
  • Reserve tools in Preventive Maintenance and Work Orders, or for specific tool use specifications.
  • Record last calibration date and calibration history.
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  • Easily analyze short and long term costs of buildings and accurately measure maintenance requirements.
  • Track and trace history files, costs and usage of any entity, including vehicles and buildings, within the maintenance jurisdiction.
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  • Through a database that completely automates room/space utilization, track the use of rooms by the various groups or departments in your organization, allowing for more accurate allocation of costs associated with the work done in these rooms.
  • Streamline the complexities of space usage, allocation and costs by simply inputting information such as square footage, utilities, dimensions, and limitation.


  • Track and trace locks and corresponding keys.
  • Create and maintain a database of all known keys, their locations, who carries them, and which locks they open.
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  • Incorporating the industry standard Facilities Condition Audit, Facilities Condition Index and UNIFORMAT II elements for building/facility components and systems DirectLine’s Capital Planning module lets you track and maintain the capital requirements of a facility or portfolio of facilities while eliminating the costly expense of a total Facilities Condition Audit.
  • Integrate capital planning with the day-to-day operational concerns, introducing the building hierarchy system and assessing the short and long term requirements of a facility or portfolio.
  • Upload pertinent facilities managemenet information, including up-to-date building codes for checking compliance, and master worksheets completed by the facility audit engineers and specialists.
  • Generate advanced reports for decision-making, such as projected costs based on the condition of your facility, capital analysis spreadsheet, cash flow and reserve fund analyses, and comparative data of projected work requirements versus actual work performed.
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  • Get up-to-date information on portable installation and availability.
  • Monitor the conditions of each portable.
  • Track the movement of your portables, even when they’re offsite for repairs.
  • Maintain a maintenance and repair history for each portable via work orders.
  • Schedule preventive maintenance for each portable.
  • Build inspection sheets or check lists for movement and approval of movement.
  • Record procurement for renovations and spare parts for each portable.
  • Electronically store bills of materials for each portable.
  • Maintain and access portable inventory in real-time.
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  • Available on Google Android, Apple iOS, Windows Mobile Mobile and BlackBerry, DirectLine Mobile lets you DirectLine from virtually anywhere you do maintenance management.
  • Consistent look, functionality and ease of use between tablets, smart phones and other mobile devices.
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  • Gain facility-wide access to the room inventory for scheduling purposes.
  • Request specific type of rooms, identify the meeting setup required, and automatically notify the necessary personnel for setup (Room Scheduler integrates with our facility management software to enable this enhanced functionality).
  • Schedule repeat meeting such as the first Monday of every month , or every Wednesday for the next three months.
  • Quickly identify days when the building will be unavailable because of construction, holidays, or other impediments.
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With DirectLine, you can generate reports from any module and configure your most commonly used reports during implementation for quick access with just the click of an icon.

These core reports include:

  • Building activity report by work order type
  • Labor cost
  • Work order status report by type
  • Work order completion by cost and title
  • Building PM compliance

Advanced analysis function lets you perform sophisticated ad hoc inquiries – such as repair costs by categories, breakdown and repair, vandalism and storm repair – across a virtually unlimited number of fields in the database.